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Our pricing is determined by 3 main factors:
  1. Size: Add the maximum height of your patch by the maximum width and divide by 2 to determine size.
  2. Quantity: Our minimum order quantity is 50 patches per design, color, and size.
  3. Embroidery Percentage:
    1. 50%: mainly text-only. Text and border are embroidered with thread, while the background is the twill backing.
    2. 75%: text and/or an image or logo. Text, logo or image, and border are embroidered, while the background is the twill backing
    3. 100%: the entire face of the patch and the border are embroidered, regardless of design.

We offer different backings to suit your needs:
  1. Iron On: A heat activated adhesive melts into the surface of the material the patch is being applied to. Add $ 0.10 per patch.
  2. Plastic: A thin, clear plastic coating is applied to the back of the patch to increase stiffness. Add $ 0.10 per patch.
  3. Tape: A peel and stick backing for temporary applications. Add 20% per patch.
  4. Velcro: A hook and loop backing is attached to the back of the patch. Both sides are supplied. Opposite side will need to be sewn on. Cut to the shape of the patch. Add 20% per patch.
  5. Button Loop: An embroidered loop is added to the top of the patch for hanging. Add $ 0.10 per patch.
  6. Hot Cut Border: A laser is used to seal the border of your patch, as opposed to the wrap around stitching of our standard Merrowed Border. Used mainly for irregular shapes, though it is especially useful when added to an Iron On Backing, allowing the Iron On material to travel to the edge of the patch to prevent snags. Add $ 0.10 per patch.
We also have different thread choices for your design:
  1. Metallic Thread:
  2. Neon Thread: extra bright colors help your patch stand out even more. Add 15% to the per patch pricing.
  3. Additional Colors: We offer up to 7 colors in our pricing. If you require more, each additional color will add $ 0.10 per patch.

What Size is My Patch?

There is a special formulation when figuring out the size of the patch you need manufactured. Its a simple formula though, take the width of the patch and the length of the patch then add those two values together. After you add the width and length, divide that number by 2 and that is the size of the patch.

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