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About us

G-Dream was established in 1937.
We are one of the leading manufacturers of customized Embroidered Patches and Emblems.
Our Business is base on 90% of custom designs.
In 1985, we established our first factory in China, and now we have 3 factories and over 700 highly skilled staff.
All factories' operation management is based on Japanese standard.
We are also the pioneer of the 3D embroidery called ( Moko Moko ) and the heat seal-transfer.

G-Dream products are known worldwide for their high quality and customer satisfaction. What really sets G-Dream apart from other label manufactures is our vertically integrated organization, with complete in - house control digitizing - punching department for all artwork.
Also with our own Colour Threads and Materials - fabrics ( Color charts ).

G-DREAM manufactures a complete line of all Embroidery merchandise with other New and Innovative products for our customers in the fashion industry, accessories and trimmings etc...
Allowing us to make an impact in today's challenging and competitive market.
G-DREAM offers:

  • Originality and exclusivity in design.
  • Prompt 5-7 days sampling service.
  • Best quality at Best prices.
  • Production 10-12 days delivery time.
  • Price - USD$ - Euro - GBP.
  • Shipping FOB - HK.

G-DREAM is very reliable and promise in superior quality and competitive prices
If you require our Basic FREE Starting Kit what encloses:
( Full Color Charts Threads, Fabrics and Materials )
please fill in our contact page under - Subject place ( Starting Kit ).

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